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The Osprey Way

​Delivering world-class software solutions that give our customers the power to run and grow their business.

About Osprey Software

Osprey Software is a custom software development company headquartered in Waltham, MA. We have been partnering with some of the world’s largest companies to build software products and services powered by the latest technologies

There are a number of reasons why clients choose Osprey…


Software delivery success is not an accident. We plan for it. Our team combines years of personal expertise and experience and business domain acumen with Osprey’s 20+ year record of successful projects and culture of continuous learning and forward thinking.

Shared Vision and Trust

When you become an Osprey client, your mission becomes our mission. We strive to build long-term relationships by delivering the software and services that are the right blend of technical expertise and business understanding.

Jumpstart Technology

Over the years Osprey has created its JumpstartTM technology platform, a proven set of foundation application components that speed up your project and safely get you to market quicker. Your project is based on the same technology used by others to power millions of transactions and create engaging user experiences across industries and geographies.


We don’t just build the same cookie cutter software. We keep track of new technologies and are always working to incorporate new patterns and practices to deliver the best possible solutions.

Our Enterprise Software Solutions

Your business needs reliable and available software to deliver to your customers. It needs to satisfy its functional requirements, fit seamlessly into and improve the ways your users work all while providing the right levels of security, performance, scalability and forward flexibility. And it needs to be cost efficient. Osprey has the tools, technology and expertise to help clients successfully navigate these ongoing challenges and differentiate their products and technology-based service.

Application Development

Complex applications that are delivered via the SaaS model. Our applications are proven to be easy to learn, easy to use, and easy for clients to custom-configure.

Application Modernization

Transform your aging software. Osprey has it covered: re-platforming, re-hosting, interoperability, rearchitecting, re-engineering, recoding, replacement, and retirement.

Cost / Schedule / Function

The Cost / Schedule / Function (CSF) is Osprey’s robust, proven process for building a reliable estimate, architecture, and roadmap for any software development project.

Actionable Intelligence

Fuel business decisions with technology that transforms raw data into insight. Then, bridge the gap between insight and action with Osprey’s evolved business intelligence software.

Managed Cloud Services

Take advantage of the very best the cloud has to offer. We place customers first throughout all aspects of cloud services: design, build, deployment, and management.

Experience Design

Even complex business systems must offer a smooth user experience. A thoughtfully designed user experience is not only engaging, it can also actively measure user behavior.

How We Stack Up


.NET Framework


WCF Windows Communication Framework

Bot Framework


Front End








Composite Apps

Data & Storage





Cloud & AI



Natural Language Processing



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