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Claims Processing Portal


APG’s standard phone / email-based claims reporting process made it manually intensive to collect and validate claims, collaborate with their 3rd party claims processing vendor, and provide status updates to their customers. The challenge was the creation of an online claims processing portal capable of serving these needs from a single location.


Integration with existing client system infrastructure.


Real-time coordination and data transfer between multiple vendors.


Delivered under serious time constraints. Needed to be available for a planned product launch.


Developed a cutting edge web interface to deliver on all client needs within a streamlined user experience. An automated and customizable user notification system was engineered to deliver status updates in real-time. And, the customer and administrative functions are contained within the same portal, allowing for visible monitoring and reporting on user activity.


Best-in-class experience for client’s end customers.


Launched online claims portal fast: idea to finished product in less than 3 months.


Real-time monitoring and reporting, automatic notifications.


Manual, labor-intensive claims reporting process fully converted and streamlined.

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