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Benchmarking Platform

Benchmarking: Aggregating and Visualizing Your Data


Your business has collected mountains of data across time, customers, processes and industries. When organized, that data holds immense value and can help customers compare performance with their competition and inform critical operational decisions.

Delivering that data to customers in an organized, interactive, personalized, and intuitive system is hard.

Osprey can help: 

Our Platform for Benchmarking™ solves these technology challenges, freeing your organization to focus on delivering the data that matters most to your customers.

Unlock the value in your data and deliver insights that help your customers optimize their businesses.

  • Monetize your data
  • Change the benchmarking business
  • Be flexible and fast

We can help you quickly turn you data and expertise into a unique, interactive, informative and engaging customer experience


Instantly move between summary and deep insights.


The engine behind industry-leading benchmarking products.


Users can create their own data and KPIs.

Deliver benchmarking products in a fraction of the time.

Learn more about how we’ve helped companies unlock the value in their data, or get a demo:


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