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Claims Processing System


Cynosure provides claims processing services, both in its own products and as a service bureau for other companies. Cynosure wanted to maintain competitive advantage, and create a powerful and flexible claims processing platform that would not only support current business needs but seamlessly scale to accommodate future needs and requirements.


Enable online reporting, status checking and servicing claims for all customers from one system


Manage customers, products and create unique claims processing workflows and work routing for products


Setup branded claims reporting sites, with custom URLs for all customers


Access customer engagement / product usage and other KPIs


Developed a cutting edge platform which allows Cynosure to support all of their customers from a single system, and can be configured without IT support. The claims processing portal Includes online reporting, status checking, and servicing claims for all customers in one central location.


Launched online claims portal fast: idea to finished product in less than 3 months.


Claims portal fully integrated with client’s existing business system infrastructure.


Real-time access to product usage, customer engagement, and other KPIs.


Manage various products and customers simultaneously.

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