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Osprey Actionable Intelligence™

Actionable Intelligence: Business Intelligence Evolved

Regardless of industry, companies need to fuel thoughtful decisions with technology that delivers intelligent insights across time, space, and people. But business intelligence software should go further than charts and tables. It should bridge the gap between insight and actionable business decisions. Osprey Actionable Intelligence™ performs all of this while remaining flexible to changing business needs and an evolving technological landscape.

Osprey Software focuses on creating technology which reflects each company’s vision, anticipates their needs and drives great outcomes.

Immediate Action

Built-in pathways between data insights and business systems.


Customized for the needs of your business, and your customers.


Meet around the data to accelerate the decision-making process.


Quickly create and deliver packaged data products.

Choosing a Software Partner?The right decision translates to business success. The wrong decision could be disastrous. Read our step-by-step guide on choosing the right software partner.

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