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DataHub Integration Platform

Seamless Data Exchange


The Osprey DataHub has been used to meet complex data exchange needs in many industries—including energy, insurance and defense. It allows the end-to-end workflow of each data exchange to be customized to fit the various ways our clients need to share data, both internally among their own systems, and externally with their partners. The DataHub handles essential processes like encryption and decryption, compression and decompression, and the transformation of data from one format to another.

The DataHub can:

  • Take in data in a variety of file formats, from a variety of sources: FTP, external APIs, internal APIs, various data repositories
  • Transform the data as needed
  • Deliver the data to a variety of destinations

Compared to the usual middleware and EAI tools, the Osprey DataHub offers significant advantages: lower cost of ownership, greater control and superior ease of use.

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