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Catalytic Project Management

We measure our success by your success.

Osprey has a clear guiding principle: we do whatever it takes to make you successful.

Osprey project managers do not just wait for things to happen – they make things happen. We call this “catalytic project management.”

We take engagement with our clients to a different level. We seek out the people in your organization who can contribute to the success of system development efforts by sharing their expertise and their creativity with our software experts.

Our project managers work hard to develop an in-depth knowledge of your business processes and your team structures. This enables them to interact with key players on your teams to catalyze change and speed the emergence of patterns.

We continuously gather ideas from your teams for how your business processes could be made more effective, and feed these ideas into our software design and development effort.

The result: a new software system that takes your business in the direction you want it to go.

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