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Business Application Framework

Proven components to jump-start your project.

The Osprey Business Application Framework™ is an application development architecture based on a Microsoft .NET that provides many of the necessary building blocks for large-scale business applications.

The Application Framework offers:

  • Necessary fundamentals like application security, user-defined data, auditing, report management, dashboards
  • A business object framework providing persistence and state management, data versioning via optimistic concurrency, and exception processing, so our developers can create the complex business objects you need rapidly and reliably
  • Transaction management and data management functionality to manage the workflow of messages and data, including delivery, validation, and transformation
  • Environment abstraction that insulates your solution from changes to databases, data serialization, encryption, and other environmental settings
  • A collection of shells that support rapid user interface development in ASP.NET, MVC, HTML5, and WPF.

When we develop applications for your business using the Osprey Business Application Framework, development efforts that otherwise would have taken months can be successful in weeks. We start with an infrastructure you can rely on, so we can focus together on building software that serves your business processes.

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