IHS Markit

Application Modernization

Osprey Software Development and IHS Markit built and deployed a new application in the cloud in under 3 months; rapidly introducing a modernized application while using the cloud to simplify, strengthen, and accelerate delivery.


While working with Osprey to build and deploy a renewable energy benchmarking system, IHS approached Osprey with another task: to design, deploy, and operate its cloud environment.

IHS had not yet delivered a 100% cloud application or defined an approved cloud architecture.  At this time, IHS was also in the middle of a merger with Markit. This added an additional layer of complexity to the logistics and coordination between Osprey and the evolving information security team.


The most exciting aspect of the project was the opportunity to work with IHS Markit to design and implement its very first cloud environment. The solution allowed IHS Markit to build and deploy its first 100% cloud application in less than 3 months.


Osprey Software Development designed a secure, highly available, and cost efficient cloud environment. The cloud environment’s design, approval, and successful implementation were completed in less than 12 weeks.

Osprey began by understanding IHS Markit’s customer usage patterns, and worked with the information security and operations teams to define non-functional requirements and security standards. Using this information Osprey designed an environment that met and exceeded IHS Markit’s requirements while also ensuring integration with operations tools and process.

The final step of the cloud implementation project included the configuration of a monitoring and logging system to ensure that operations and business teams had complete visibility into application and environment performance at all times.

IHS Markit was able to accelerate the delivery of a modernized version of its SaaS application for use by customers in a new, secure cloud environment in less than 3 months. Additionally, the project helped IHS Markit build its corporate cloud standards and set a standard for future cloud utilization built on best practices.



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