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Renewable Energy Benchmarking

Creating and growing a benchmarking business is exciting. Migrating to a new platform that grows with your business, delivers a world-class client experience and eliminates manual processes can be a challenge. Doing it all while maintaining your business can be hard.


Working together, Osprey and IHS Markit were able to re-imagine the RE Benchmarking service, leverage Osprey’s proven Business Application Framework and Actionable Intelligence products and deliver a completely new technology-driven experience to the customers of IHS.


  • Find a better, more efficient way to collect, validate, process, and share wind project information.
  • Increase customer engagement by providing real-time benchmarking information in an interactive, web-based experience.
  • Grow and scale both business and technology, and establish a platform upon which to create new products.

Osprey’s Approach

Obtain a detailed understanding of the current system, data sets, challenges and desired system characteristics.

Understand how end-customers will interact with the new system, and how it will fit into their daily workflow.
Design the new system using Osprey’s flexible and powerful technology solutions.
Build a project schedule that is aligned with current business cycles and timed to meet the needs of end customers.


Together, Osprey and IHS Markit were able to design, build, and deploy a completely new product to customers for use in 3 months, followed by complete functionality in 6 months. The new system has had the intended effect of making it easier to acquire new customers.

Wind turbine operators are able to weigh costs, trends and failures in a way that wasn’t possible before, and can make more informed decisions when choosing different turbines or manufacturers, for example. With access anytime they need it, once-a-year-reporting is a thing of the past.



“I just had a call with [one of the nation’s largest utilities and wind owners] and wanted to quote their superlatives for you all—impressive, really smooth, easy to use… and just wanted to pass along my positive feedback as well.”

Product Lead, Renewable Energy Benchmarking, IHS Markit


Let’s get started on your technology vision.

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