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Osprey’s Jumpstart Technology is comprised of hundreds of components that can be utilized to serve as the foundation for your next software project.  By utilizing our library of pre-built technology, our customers benefit from significantly faster and more cost-efficient software development. Osprey’s Jumpstart Technology is proven, secure, scalable, and always evolving.  When a new component is added to our Jumpstart Technology, or our current Jumpstart Technology is updated, our customers benefit from it immediately. Working with Osprey ensures that you will continually receive value.

Jumpstart Technology enables faster innovation and delivery, reduces risk and cost, and frees you to focus on building the aspects of your products and services that make them unique. Lastly, if you are considering whether to “buy” or “build” your next software project, Jumpstart Technology offers the best of both.

Stage 1: Plan

Gather information and requirements for the new application. Generate an application reference architecture, and determine which elements of Jumpstart Technology will be included in the application.

Stage 3: Create

This is where the heavy lifting occurs. Osprey develops and delivers iterations of the application until completion, and then ensures that the solution successfully passes all testing and benchmarking.

Stage 2: Implement Jumpstart Technology

Assemble and test the needed Jumpstart Technology and deploy a Dev/Ops environment that will be used as a starting point for the application. Osprey then delivers a working, buildable application core.

Stage 4: Deliver

The created application is approved and support teams are on standby. The application is then deployed and taken live. By utilizing Jumpstart Technology, the time from planning to deployment is greatly reduced.


Get What You Want

Osprey’s first priority is building your solution to the exact specifications that your business requires, without compromise. While Jumpstart Technology allows you to draw upon pre-existing technology, your project will never be limited as a result. Often, when you choose to “buy” software solutions as opposed to “build,” you lose the ability to customize and fine tune your software. With Osprey, you receive exactly what you want.


One of the largest perks to utilizing pre-existing technology to build your software is the speed with which your solution is delivered. Typically, a choice to “build” software means that design, development, and delivery are a lengthy and intensive process. Osprey’s utilization of Jumpstart Technology, however, enables fully customized software solutions to be delivered in a matter of weeks. 


Another huge perk to Osprey’s Jumpstart Technology is the cost. Generally, the choice to “build” your software from scratch translates to considerable costs of labor and development. Even the choice to “buy” software can often lead to a premium in cost. Osprey’s Jumpstart Technology allows you to cut down on development costs, with no premium attached to the price tag.

Access to Future Technology

Osprey is constantly developing new technology to add value and simplicity to the businesses of our clients. As Osprey develops new tools and technology, they are automatically added to our Jumpstart Technology. These tools and technology are then available to each of our clients. The expansion of the Jumpstart Technology library not only translates to new capabilities for our clients, but also the assurance that we are constantly innovating and evolving upon the technology on which your software is developed.


Osprey’s Jumpstart Technology is currently used to process millions of transactions every day across the globe, and across a variety of regulated and unregulated industries in both public clouds and private infrastructures. Building your software with the same technology which has been regularly proven by some of the world’s largest companies ensures you’ll receive the reliability you demand from your solution.


Osprey Software design’s security into our technology, and then validate it using 3rd parties. Our technology meets the Infosec standard of some of the world’s largest and most recognizable companies. We operate in traditional cloud environments and in non-traditional remote corners of the globe. Osprey also has an excellent track record of discretion and confidentiality.

Projects Completed

Years Running

Transactions Processed

“Osprey saved us.”

Large FinTech Software Provider

“We’re talking about an A-1 class of people that really weren’t trying to give me the plastic sell. They really understood what I needed to do… it was really refreshing”

Major Insurance Provider

“You dove in and understood our business needs. Powerful!”

Major Defense Contractor

Spurring Growth with a New Managed Accounts System

Advanced Logistics and Configuration System

Application Performance and Customer Engagement

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