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“90% of corporate controllers will soon be using RPA in financial and management reports, accounting closes, technical accounting and cost-related activities.”

Source: Gartner

Why should you create a robotics assisted finance department?

Finance professionals would have more time to work on new initiatives if only, for example, journal entries and account reconciliation could be done by a robot, faster with high-level accuracy. Increasing productivity while maintaining accuracy and accountability.

Many finance leaders are embracing RPA to structure more efficient finance teams, reduce costs, and improve compliance. For example, human error within the finance function produces, on average, 25,000 hours of avoidable rework at a cost of $878,000 per year (source: Gartner).


“Robotic Process Automation technology usually costs one-third the amount of an offshore employee and one-fifth of an onshore employee”

Source: Gartner

How finance bots can take your department to the next level

Financial Planning & Analysis

Bank Statement Reconciliation

P & L

Refund Issuing

Invoices & Receipts

Payroll Accounting

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Learn how RPA can help your organization

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Why Work with Osprey

Unlocking meaningful value through RPA, using UiPath, requires more than just technical expertise.

We excel at helping our clients prepare to manage the organizational and personal impact of technology transformations.


We are automation experts.  We’ve been using technology to automate business processes for our client for more than 20 years.

RPA extends automation to tasks & processes that have been too complex or costly to automate.

Organization Adoption

Moving from Idea to PoC from Pilot to organizational buy-in involves complex planning, coordination, communication, people and commitment.

We help clients successfully align with new technologies and programs and transform the way they do business.

Choosing a Software Partner?The right decision translates to business success. The wrong decision could be disastrous. Read our step-by-step guide on choosing the right software partner.

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