One BOT's impact

With RPA, you don’t need to invest a lot to get a big return.


As an RPA service provider we help customers quickly achieve remarkable and quantifiable improvements to operating efficiency and work quality.

We celebrate their success and oftentimes simply move on to create the next group of robots.

We understand the tactical impact of our robots but don’t always see the strategic outcomes tied to shifting organizational attention and focus.

We are also a client

As a typical organization, with a mixture of automated and manual processes and a desire to accomplish more, we turned to RPA.

Our intent was to use RPA to deliver time savings, improved quality and increased throughput.  Along the way we realized that we also created something of equal or more value – time and space within our organization.  We used that time and space to shift some attention from time sensitive tactical tasks to thoughtful strategic work.

In summary, RPA helped us find time to invest in areas of our business that bring meaningful changes to what we do and the quality of how we service our customers.

The impact of one robot and one process

One of the robots we created is tasked with automating a tedious, time consuming, essential step in our marketing and sales processes.  The process typically requires about 5 hours of manual work each week. 

What follows summarizes our experience; the work required, the direct and the unanticipated benefits.


Key Takeaways

  • Any organization can benefit from RPA 
  • One simple RPA bot can deliver out-sized benefits
  • Benefits compound when you consider productive use of hours no longer used to perform and validate manual work


Let’s get started on your technology vision.

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