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Web Starter Kit

Osprey’s Web Starter Kit is a┬ádynamic and secure web front end for your existing windows client(s).


Web Starter Kit Benefits


  • Future Ready
  • Scalable
  • Proven (used by Natixis, APG, OAI, COI, and Index)
  • Proven (on Azure, AWS, and Rackspace)
  • UIs work OOTB with Osprey Objects
  • Independently validated to work with security best practices
  • Supports internationalization and conditional validation
  • Increase speed to market (no need to develop screens)
  • De-risks Projects and Saves Money
  • Regular updates ensure security and technology compliance
  • Osprey invests in expertise to stay current with the market
  • Community-driven requirements drive evolution and add value

Capabilities of the Web Starter Kit

Responsive UI
Simple to Use
Modern, Familiar, Intuitive

Built to Scale
Horizontal and Vertical Growth
Modular at All Levels

Security from Day 1
Independent Verification

Any Device, Any Time
Responsive Web Design
Available Where Users Want It

Standard Technology
No Proprietary Technology
Simple and Cost-efficient to Maintain

Icons, Styles, Colors
Design Specific to Every User

Focus on User Satisfaction
Specialists in User-focused Design

User Engagement
Measure and Report What Works
Data-driven Product Management

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