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Osprey’s unique approach ensures you won’t need to settle for a generic cloud migration

Migrating legacy applications and customer facing products to the cloud is not a cookie cutter process, where one-solution fits all. While moving to the cloud can in some circumstances be a routine and logical progression detached from business needs, other times you may want to move to the cloud because it offers features and capabilities your business needs. No two scenarios are identical.

Our application modernization services consider the unique needs, goals, and state of your application to create a best-fit modern application approach. We collaborate with your business and technical teams to transform your application in measurable steps, building confidence and new skills along the way.

Assess and Plan

Define your target operational state, understand your starting point, and then develop comprehensive, actionable plans for your target security model and applications to be modernized.

  • Evaluate and classify target applications into groups
  • Identify target environment and goals (e.g. security, cost, availability)
  • Develop plans for each application group or unique application
  • Establish economic principles
  • Develop modernization road map and plan

Build and Modernize

Modernize your application groups, create migration assets, build and validate target operational environment, and then set cost governance controls.

  • Refactor and re-architect applications according to plan
  • Create deployment assets to accelerate and control deployment
  • Upgrade or establish target operational environment
  • Set economic and compliance controls
  • Deploy and validate pilot applications


Migrate modernized applications or application groups into your new target environment, integrate with operations, and then operationalize new processes and teams.

  • Develop migration calendar and cross-functional team
  • Deploy applications, workloads, and new operational processes
  • Post-migration Hypercare
  • Align and validate both economic and compliance controls
  • Executive presentation and knowledge transfer

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