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Planning a Software Development Project?

Successful software development, the kind that adds value to your business, always starts with thorough project planning, scoping, and design.

The Cost / Schedule / Function (CSF) is Osprey’s robust, proven process for building a reliable estimate, architecture, and roadmap for any software development project. Thoroughly and accurately detailing every aspect of an upcoming software development project is critical to success, but difficult and time consuming without a proven process. However, Osprey Software leverages its deep expertise in building software, along with outstanding client understanding and relations, to deliver a CSF packed with valuable analysis in only 4-6 weeks.

Osprey’s Cost / Schedule / Function will deliver a step-by-step roadmap focused on practicality, efficiency, honesty, and a deep understanding of the client’s business needs. Osprey Software’s consultative acumen ensures that no client ever receives a “pre-packaged” CSF or solution. Rather, each client receives a deeply personalized and thoughtful solution. The knowledge gained from a CSF will impart great confidence about the proposed project – whether it is the confidence to successfully pursue development, or the prescience and insight to rethink the path forward.


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