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Deploy, operate, and fine-tune. Take advantage of the very best the cloud has to offer.

With the cloud, a new environment can be launched in a matter of minutes—connecting your ideas with technology that moves as quickly as you do. The cloud makes it easier to innovate and develop new products and services, and reduces risk by helping you adjust to changing technical and business needs. It also provides industry-leading security, compliance and governance.

We know the cloud, inside and out. Whether it’s Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google, let us take away the stress of designing, securing and operating your cloud so you can focus on your business.

Step 1: Strategy
Create a roadmap that considers all dimensions of your cloud journey before you begin. What are my business drivers? What should I move first? Which capabilities to include?

Outline Goals and Challenges
Every successful cloud plan starts with a clear understanding of the challenges to address, and the capabilities to enable.

Current State Review
Understanding the current technological landscape and contracts.

Cloud Suitability Assessment
Every environment and application landscape is unique. A suitability assessment will map applications and workloads into cloud readiness categories: ‘cloud ready’, ‘cloud candidates’, and ‘not cloud ready’.

Assessment Conclusions
Candidate migration strategies, budget cloud costs, context diagrams and a list of pros and cons for each based on the ‘Goals and Challenges’ and ‘Cloud Suitability Assessment.’ This also includes considerations for Amazon Web Services and Azure if, and where, cloud services are considered.

A cloud deployment plan that matches goals and challenges with a clearly defined strategy and best practices that can be used to guide your cloud journey.

Step 2: Design and Deploy
Leverage proven solutions to architect your cloud.


Security and Compliance
Match your requirements, standards and compliance requirements with the right.

Performance and Automation
Architect for workloads, patterns, availability and service level agreements.

Service Catalog and Support
Include cloud operations and common service request processes from day one.

Configure and Deploy
Build and validate your secure cloud environment(s). Configure operational alerts, triggers and notifications.

Application Migration
Create a set of migration processes to smoothly transition your applications to the cloud.


Step 3: Operate
Monitor and manage day-to-day cloud operations with specialized knowledge, expertise and experience.

Environment monitoring and event and incident response and mediation; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

OS updates, upgrades, patching, snapshots, backups and recovery. Setup and management of identity and access management.

Resource optimization, periodic hardening, recovery and continuity testing. Environment recommendations based on regular review of environment, performance and cloud services.

Quarterly, consolidated reporting of cloud operations.

Application Management


Support Services
24 / 365 ticket management, and escalation through resolution, with well-defined response objectives. Flexible scaling options prepared to grow with business needs.

Shift Focus and Budget to Creating Value
Cost effective and resource efficient support services, freeing your resources to focus on building and creative value.

Transparency and Optimization
Regular reporting on incidents, problems and remediation actions. Contract-driven target incentives to drive innovative solutions and improve user satisfaction.


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