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UX Design

Better usability, higher productivity

At Osprey we recognize that the complex business systems we build for our clients must offer a smooth user experience, carefully designed to be intuitive for the people using it.


  • Because the productivity of your team using the system depends on it.
  • Because your people have a right to have software tools designed with them in mind, that are easy to learn, and easy to use.
  • Because the rise of the internet and the spread of mobile devices have raised expectations for usability. The usability of the software systems people use at work must not lag behind the software they use everyday.

How do we at Osprey meet this challenge?

  • As we design complex business systems, we engage with people at every level of your organization who will be using the new software.
  • We study how they work, we learn their terminology, we discover how they think about the tasks they do, we analyze how they organize their workflows.
  • We bring to bear an in-depth knowledge of usability principles and modern user experience design.
  • We carefully validate proposed screen designs and task flows through intensive interaction with your users before we start developing them.

Our Agile methodology enables us to make subtle corrections and continuous  improvements as development proceeds.

The result: software that precisely fits the way business users want to do their work, software that increases productivity.

Osprey combines design artistry with implementation and process excellence to take a concept all the way through to a finished product.

User Engagement

Observe and track user behavior

Once an application is in use, Osprey has a configurable method of tracking user behavior and user experience for common workflows and discrete actions.  The benefits of knowing what users are doing and what their experience is like are numerous, and include:

  • the ability to inform product management as they decide where to invest in the product
  • helping account managers understand what a particular user is doing in the system, which presents opportunities to offer helpful ideas or encourage the customer to be a more productive user
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