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We love solving tough problems.

Jerry Lamb

Founder and Chief Architect

An expert in UML modeling, Jerry is a longtime veteran of the software industry, and has comprehensive experience developing corporate and commercial applications.

As Osprey’s Chief Solutions Architect, Jerry is charged with creating initial application design and technical direction. Additionally, Jerry often takes on a lead development role in the design of the database, application server and user interface. Jerry has designed a number of Osprey’s largest and most complex systems for companies like Fidelity Investments, Raytheon and Partners Healthcare.

Prior to cofounding Osprey, Jerry was lead architect at Excelergy Corporation where he played a pivitol role in developing one of the leading client/server billing systems serving the deregulated utility industry. Before joining Excelergy, Jerry held a number of key development and systems support roles at Fidelity Investments. Jerry received his degree in Computer Information Systems from Bentley College.

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